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Record Breaking placements During Covid-19 Phase

Test Author | Nov 16, 2020

As we are well aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented upheaval across all industries, with education industry especially impacted. The job market has been hit by the general economic slowdown caused by the lockdown. Many companies that have been usually big players in the recruitment process decided to stay away from this year’s placement drive. 

To begin to rectify this situation, we may be well served to follow Peter Drucker’s advice that the purpose of a business is to create a customer. And while we can hear the immediate push-back to this simplistic, business-centric approach, we will hold firm that value -- defined as something deemed useful, worthy and important -- begins and ends in the eyes of those paying for it. This means a student-centric perspective represents an essential first step. Networkers Home had done its best in paying off by having remarkable placements of their students even during this adversity, in a time when employees were laid off by prestigious companies we made it sure to get our students placed and that too in good, reputed companies.

Apart from training, Networkers Home had always supported its self-paid students in obtaining a lucrative job. Networkers Home placement cell is in touch with many reputed companies in India and abroad for placements after our cutting-edge technology courses. Networkers Home also offers scholarships exclusively for the unemployed and under-employed and besides these we make it very certain that our students land in good, known and reputed companies, and the placement report in times of pandemic is the demonstration of how well we were able to come out with flying colors. At Networkers Home we try hard to keep up with our promise of delivering the best, be it in training or in placements. It is not just us but especially our students who tell the same about us and never fail to appreciate our efforts. Have a look on some of the appreciatons by our students and the offers given to them by different companies!!

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