CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure -Primer

Test Author | Nov 18, 2020

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is replacement of most popular CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam however in practical terms if a complete different certification.

Let me explain to you key points about the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam. 

  1. Cisco DNA Center
  2. Cisco ISE 3.0
  3. Cisco SD-WAN
  4. Automation -Python,Rest API,Ansible,Puppet,Chef ,Git etc
  5. Routing Protocols OSPF,BGP,EIGRP,MPLS
  7. IOS Security -ZBF and IOS Security Features
  8. Switching 
  9. IOS Services
  10. IPV6 on SD-WAN and all routing protocols 

I am pretty sure you now have a fairly good idea that its a 80% syllabus change and 20% old syllabus. Cisco systems has taken a right step in future of enterprise Networking by enabling its student base to aim for new technologies which are going to be new constant.


While new exam changes are great from learning and upgrading the career perspective, its quite a requirement on resources to prepare specially technologies like Cisco DNA Center which will require very expensive real switches as its does not support virtual switches like SD-WAN supports v-edges etc.

Also there is very less possibility that students will be able to practice most of these technologies on laptop as they were doing during CCIE R&S Exam prep.

Next Challenge is Automation. A lot of engineers around the world have not yet worked on projects which require heavy automation or any automation at all. Most people who enter into Networking domain are not programmers and will find it difficult to prepare a new mindset for learning python,Rest API  etc.

Equipment cost of DNA Center is around $30K USD in india and around $20K USD after 80% partner discount. This is quite a lot of investment when it comes to building lots of pods for these technologies. Due to expensive equipment requirements ,rack rental pricing will become expensive too.

NETWORKERS HOME is building a hosted platform for learning all new technologies like Ansible,Puppet,Chef and Python for Networking  along with integration of these tools to online access of DNA Center and SD-WAN Pods.

Student will have simple projects on these technologies to start with and further adding level 2 or level 3 complexity . All this within a function Learning management portal designed for CCIE Prep along with quizzes and Video nuggets on how to do certain lab. A 24*7 Lab support chat will be available to experienced Lab staff which will help online students if they face any difficulty. All instructors at NH, will be ready to teach the predefined content with the help of this next-gen tool. We hope to release this tool by 1st Jan 2021 as we donot want remember 2020 for anything good in our books .

Give us your thoughts and suggestion to help us improve these tools and prepare you for a better technology career.

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